Monday, 31 August 2015

TINKLE (English) No 110

  • Serial No. : 110
  • Pages : 36
  • Script : English
  • Publisher:India Book House Pvt. Ltd.
  • First Published on: 20 July 1986

Download: 50 mb


  1. Rajesh Bahi, there is one suggestion: While uploading comics, please put the download link on the first page. We have to click 'read more' link in order to reach to 'Download: 50 mb'. This takes one step extra to download. If you put it on the first, page, it will make downloaders' lives easier by saving their time.

    Thanks for these uploads!

    1. Thanks for your nice suggestion! But We when we give a `read more' option, We don't want to give you some extra labor to be used to download them, rather this option notifies us that how many persons seen the link (downloaded them) and this shows the interests, treand and so many things. More over this option also hide the link so that at a first instant the link are invisible to a lay man. ( a publisher of that comics.)

    2. I do not agree with you.

      So you are saying that you have some kind of software which keeps record of how many people click 'read more' option?

      Also, you are saying that you are hiding from the publishers of those comics, and by doing so you can! This is one of the most ridiculous statement I ever heard! If they are after you, they will still find you as you and other uploaders have so many traces all over the internet including your phone numbers, facebook, etc.

      I believe that putting the download link of the 1st page will definitely be helpful by expediting the downloading process. You can't forcibly create interest in people to read everything on your webpage. Maybe this irritates them as they are interested only in downloading and reading the comics. "Aam khao, ped mat gino".

    3. Whenever we see on Blogger's Dashboard, It automatically shows the number of person who watched the posts, No. of person who shared/or commented on the posts. as for example, highest no. of persons who watched the posts last month were on the post 'Parag' may 1974 & 'Raja Bhaiya' 1975 both posted by Mr. Shiv kumar bhai, 131 & 115 respectively and the lowest were TINKLE English 058 uploaded by me (only 9)

      One more thing whenever you search on google or any search engine, if download option is given on the first page, it comes on search engine and it hides when put on read more option.

    4. Congratulations for getting so many viewers for your uploads! Hope it helps getting those missing comics which people have been demanding for years, but no one has uploaded them yet.

      Also, applauses that you and other uploaders could hide from appearing on Google simply by adding 'read more' options. Hope this technique can hide your shared photo online.

      By the way, I just typed "Hindi Comics" on Google to test your claim, and several sites appeared sharing comics including yours (though yours was on page 4 in my search). So if an interested publisher wanted to dig deeper, it would take him/her only a few seconds to find you online!


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