Sunday, 24 April 2016

गोयल कॉमिक्स : नन्हे जासूस

  • गोयल कॉमिक्स : नन्हे जासूस  
  • अंक : 55
  • पेज : 32 
  • भाषा: हिंदी 
  • प्रकाशक: गोयल पॉकेट बुक्स, बापू मार्किट, फव्वारा, दिल्ली-6       
  • प्रकाशन वर्ष: 19??

 डाउनलोड लिंक: 15 Mb

हार्डकॉपी : सागर राणा भाई, नेपाल  
स्कैन : शिवकुमार वैष्णव

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  1. Bahut bahut thanks bhai i had this gem in my childhood and used to miss it now
    keep up the good work brother
    these masterpieces need to be preserved
    would u mind bro if i edit it and post the link here for u

  2. i posted a comment here bro in noon but it is not visible now
    i have asked pyaretoon administrator to provide the original file of hatyaron ki dharti and have given u r blog address as well as my mail id
    let us see when he responds to either of us

  3. Thanks to both, keep up the good work


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