Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I Don't Know about the publication, year etc., But Shared.
Help Needed to know Title, Publication etc.

Just Want To Preserve the memories, so scanned.


  • अंक : 
  • पेज : 24  
  • भाषा: MALAYALAM  
  • प्रकाशक: 
  • प्रकाशन वर्ष: 1985-1989

 Download Link: 9 Mb

Hardcopy: Roney J. Mukkadan, Changanasserry
स्कैन : शिवकुमार वैष्णव

( The Links of Magazine/Comics Given here are only for the purpose of preserving them in Electric Format, not for the purpose of earning money through it. If someone having problem from these links/Magazines inform me/us.)


  1. Hi Shiv- Narayan here from Comics Discussion Group. The above comic is MARANAMILLATHAVAN (he who never dies). Think its a rip-off of Dracula. If you have any doubts regarding Malayalam comics please contact me- advnarayan at gmail dot com. Shall try to help you

  2. Thanks Shiv Bro for this one, looks good (eventhough it's in a language I can't read) reminds me of time when I was a kid and my sister used to read comics for me and I watch the pics only, same thing will happen now(the only difference is I've to guess the story myself now) :)


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