Sunday, 2 October 2016


Got Some Malayalam Comics From Roney J. Mukkadan 
(His Father Jojen T. Mukkadan is EDITOR of this publication)
Looking on the Covers, that looked so good.
These comics having story of MAHABHARATA TIMES 
and as these type of stories are in my priority, I Scanned.

I Loved the inside pictures, I think all the comic fans like them.

So the comics from THE GOD'S OWN LAND, KERALA.
The Reading tradition of this State is so rich, 
that many comics printed in English/Malayalam etc.

Just Want To Preserve the memories, so scanned.


  • Issue: 37
  • Pages: 24
  • Language: MALAYALAM  
  • Publisher: Suresh K PulimParampil, Changanasserry
  • Publication Year: 1987

 Download Link: 15 Mb

Hardcopy: Roney J. Mukkadan, Changanasserry
स्कैन : शिवकुमार वैष्णव

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