Sunday, 15 October 2017

Target Magazine (May 1987)

  • Target Magazine
  • Issue: May 1987
  • Pages : 80
  • Langauage: English 
  • Publisher: Living Media Pvt Ltd, New Delhi 
  • Publication Year: 1987

 Download Link: 27 Mb

Hard Copy Provided by Kulvinder Sona Bhai, Delhi
Scanned By Shivkumar Vaishnaw

( The Links of Magazine/Comics Given here are only for the purpose of preserving them in Electric Format, not for the purpose of earning money through it. If someone having problem from these links/Magazines inform me/us.)


  1. Kulwinder aur Shiv Bhai ko bahut bahut dhanyawaad

  2. thx for this shivkumar bhai for this aapke pas CHANDAMAMA AUR GUDIYA ke anko ki uplabdhta ho to unhe bhi upload kare please.

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