Monday, 27 November 2017

Indrajaal comics-400&401-Vetal Ka Hawamahal 1 & 2

इंद्रजाल संख्या 400&401 "वेताल का हवामहल  भाग 1एवं2"

मैनड्रैक-अंतरिक्ष के रहस्य भाग 1 एवं 2

Additional Information:
Writer : Lee Falk
Language: Hindi
English Name: 400-Abode of The Ghosts Part I
                      401-Abode of The Ghosts Part II
Pages: 32 & 30 (Back Cover Missing)
Size: 38 MB &41 MB
Publisher : The Times of India
Publish Date: 14-20 Feburary 1982 & 21-27 Feburary 1982

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  1. Thanks a lot bro for restoring these gems

  2. Words are not enough to thank you brother. You bring back a piece of my childhood that I loved and miss so much. May God bless you always!

  3. Thanks Rajesh Ji, nice to see raw and enhanced versions together


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