Friday, 24 November 2017

Indrajaal comics-V20N19&20-Vetal Ka Beta 1 & 2

इंद्रजाल नंबर V20N19 & 20 "वेताल का बेटा भाग 1 एवं 2"


फ़्लैश गार्डेन- धातुई दैत्य भाग  1 एवं 2

Additional Information:
Writer : Lee Falk
Artist : Seymour Barry
Language: Hindi
English Name: V20N19-The Phantom's Valiant Son Part I
                      V20N20-The Phantom's Valiant Son Part II
Pages: 32 (each)
Size: 83 MB &90 MB
Publisher : The Times of India
Publish Date: 8-14 May 1983 & 15-21 May 1983

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  1. Rajesh bhai.....! Aapne is baar raw version upload nahin kiya....? Agar raw version bhi upload kar dein to achha hi rahega... Arar sambhav ho to...!

  2. Thank you Rajesh bhai for these precious comics. Really appreciate your work. However, there is a suggestion; I see that eventhough the quality of scan is very clear and you scan each page one-by-one (good editing), nevertheless, file size is extremely large! For 36 pages you have 80-90 MBs which takes a lot of space on hard disc. Moreover, turning pages becomes slow due to big file size. The same quality of images can be obtained for one-third of the file size, i.e., for approximately 30-35 MBs only. This has been done by many other uploaders. Please try to minimize file size while maintaining the image quality the same time.

  3. This was my very first edited version by photoshop that's why huge sized. check other uploads. they are not more than 40mb.

  4. Thank Rajesh Ji, Please provide raw version for this one too


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