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Indrajaal Comics-(Hindi)-217-Adbhut Devata (Flash Gorden)

इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स-217-अदभुत देवता

Additional Information:
This Indrajal contains 2 comics:
1. Hero: Flash Gordon (अद्भुत देवता)
The Sunday strips #S124 - Astro God (3/11/73 to 5/27/73)

The story: Summoned to WSC to observe a test flight of the first Earth-produced saucer-ship ever, Flash is suddenly called into action as communication is lost with the ship as it attempts an emergency landing over the Philippines.

Taking up hot pursuit, Flash manages to locate the ship, but is immediately taken prisoner by local cave dwellers awaiting the arrival of a god from the stars. The problem is they now have two, and must determine who is not genuine by way of gruelling tests...

2. A Phantom story from  Charlton #54: Master of Evil  (वजुली का जाल)
Writer: Joe Gill, Lee Falk
Artist: Pat Boyette Dawn Berry
Language: Hindi
English Name: Flash Gorden THE ESCAPE
Pages: 32
Size: 60 MB
Publisher : The Times of India
Publish Date: 1 November 1974

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